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Teddi Barenholtz of Yogabilitation - Physical Therapy with Yogic Techniques

Teddi Barenholtz
500 hour — Founder of Yogabilitation

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Yogabilitation with Teddi Barenholtz - Special Therapy with a Yogic Flair

Yoga Benefits

  • Yoga is a foundation for well-being
  • Yoga develops strong and healthy bones
  • Yoga fosters creativity and imagination
  • Yoga increases focus and attention span
  • Yoga discovers self-awareness and respect for others
  • Yoga fosters confidence and self-esteem.
  • Yoga fosters ability to communicate
  • Yoga improves social skills
  • Yoga improves ability to motor plan

YogaSense YogaKids® Radiant Child Other Workshops

Teddi is available for traveling if you would like to host a workshop or check out the schedule page for workshops offered in the beautiful beach community of Fairfield Connecticut.

Yoga Sense Workshops

YogaSense: Baby and Parent

This workshop is a teacher training program for parents, therapists and yoga teachers wishing to share the joy of yoga with baby. You will learn yoga poses, songs and activities appropriate for the early years of life. This course will review motor, language, social and cognitive development typical during early years of life. Learn yoga techniques to strengthen the parent-baby bond and put baby on the path to a happy healthy life.

YogaSense: Sensory Integration Through Yoga

This workshop will introduce you to the Sensory System and how yoga impacts the sensory system. This workshop is for therapists, parents and teachers that would like to expand their work with special needs children to include yoga. You will learn poses, breathing exercises, meditations and games specific to the different senses and appropriate for different ages. Come to integrate your own senses and have fun in this energizing workshop.

YogaSense: Integrating Yoga into the Schools

Optimal learning for the child occurs through movement in non-stressful environments. Integrating yoga into the therapy or classroom setting provides a positive experience for the child while achieving therapy and educational goals. This course is designed for therapists, educators, parents and caregivers working with children with developmental delays. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the sensory and motor development that occurs in the early years of life. Participants will learn yoga activities that will help in sensory integration, reflex integration and motor planning. In addition, participants will learn how language, cognitive and social skills are facilitated within yoga activities.

YogaKids® Workshops

YogaKids®: Tools for School

Breathe Life into Learning with the YogaKids® Tools for School Workshop.  This is a one-day training which includes the YogaKids® tool kit which includes Teachers manual, lessons plans, media materials, yoga cards and posters. This complete package and one-day workshop will prepare teachers to integrate yoga into the classroom.

YogaKids®: Taste of

Are you interested in finding out more about the YogaKids® children’s program? Try hosting a Taste of YogaKids®. This is a 7-hour workshop that will provide you with skills for educating, exercising and empowering children.

YogaKids®: Grow Up

This is a 6-hour course for teaching Yoga to Teens and Pre-teens. This innovative workshop offers fresh ideas to bring balance, harmony and tools for healthy life choices to teens.

Other Workshops

Radiant Child Yoga Program

This workshop follows the program developed by Shakta Kaur Khalsa and includes a CD of children's yoga songs, a manual and the book "Fly Like a Butterfly" written by Shakta. This course is for parents, teachers and anyone who would like to incoprorate yoga into their work with children. Come and learn how to share the gift of yoga with children.

Infant Massage

This is a 3-week course teaching parents the art of infant massage. Nourish your baby with love through infant massage. Parents learn the art of infant massage and bond with their child.

Introduction to RDI® approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders

This is a 1-2 hour introductory workshop into the basics of the Relationship Development Intervention. This is an excellent workshop to offer parents and therapists interested in learning more about this innovative therapy developed by Dr. Steven Gutstein.
Click here Workshop information and here for registration form

Sun Yoga

Sun Yoga offers 200-hour and 500-hour Yoga Alliance approved teacher trainings. Trainings will be offered in 2008.

  • Yoga Therapy Ayurveda and Foundations of a Yogic Lifestyle 
  • Yoga and Medical Science
  • Yoga Therapy for Adults
  • Yoga Therapy for Children
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga